Piper Oz the Hound

Art Lown’s 1976 album Piper Oz the Hound is a rare country psych pop gem that captures a poignant snapshot of one man’s heartbreak. The album was recorded with a talented group of session musicians, including Tony Smith (bass), Donnie Miller (drums), Luke Watts (steel guitar), and Jerry Dooley (lead guitar), who were part of the band The Dixie Four. Despite its small pressing and limited distribution, Piper Oz is a must-listen for fans of country, rock, and pop music.

The album is a candid exploration of love and loss, with Art’s emotive vocals conveying a sense of vulnerability and yearning. The music is tight and polished, with a cohesive sound that showcases the talents of the session musicians. The lyrics express a deep disappointment in a failed romance, but also offer a glimmer of hope for reconciliation.

Art Lown’s story is one of creativity and passion, as he drew inspiration from his love of The Beatles and honed his songwriting skills in his teenage years. Though he didn’t have his own band when he recorded Piper Oz, he was able to tap into the talent pool at United Music World, where he worked as an employee. Tragically, Art passed away in February 1977, just months after the album’s release. Nevertheless, Piper Oz remains a testament to his artistic spirit and legacy.

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