Zamrock, is a unique and vibrant genre that emerged in Zambia during the 1970s. This electrifying fusion of rock, funk, and traditional African rhythms encapsulates the spirit of rebellion and cultural revolution that defined a generation. With its powerful guitar riffs, driving percussion, and soulful vocals, Zamrock embodies the energy and passion of its time.

During times of political oppression, many Zamrock bands in Zambia used clever lyrics and metaphors in their music to address government corruption and social injustice without directly confronting authorities. They often employed allegory and coded language in their songs to convey their messages while evading censorship and persecution.

Zamrock bands would use local slang or regional dialects in their lyrics, making it challenging for authorities to fully grasp the true meaning behind the songs. This allowed the music to serve as a form of protest and resistance, giving a voice to those who were suppressed and marginalized.